Bagar - Cellular Automaton Battle


Bagar is an interactive Twitch game (played by the viewers in the chat) !

I develop it live on Twitch !

The goal of each viewer is to have as much territory as possible. To do so, he has to counter his opponents by choosing the right types in the elements table !

I plan to release it before 2022 !



This project won the Twitch Past Forward Contest !

Community Plays Games

I found it impressive that communities were able to finish Pokemon, or even DarkSouls, via commands on a Twitch chat.

I liked the idea and I want to try to get people to finish, as a group, indie games that I particularly like.

I started to prepare a first game : Crypt of the Necrodancer.

And it’s now live on Twitch at CommunityPlaysGames !

Pixel Bombs


Pixel Bombs is a Bomberman Like, but different !

As a Bomberman fan, I used the basic rules of this game, breaking walls, planting bombs, upgrading bombs, killing opponents. Then I added my variants : The camera is centered on the player, and we cannot see through the walls !

I Wanted to make this game with super simple graphics for the sake of time. Finally I liked the result and I stuck with this idea.

The game has progressed well, and I was able to do some test games with several players which went well, but at the moment it is on pause. The lobby part of multiplayer takes me a long time to develop, and I switched to 3D so that I could simplify not seeing through walls, which gives a visual result that I don’t really like for now.

I may come back on this project once I find the time, and a visual idea that I like.

Worm and Wolves

Worm and Wolves is an asymmetric cooperation game, against another team (2v2).

This game was started during the Global Game Jam in 2019, with my two brothers and two friends. The theme of the game jam was “What home means to you”.

We decided to create a game in which two teams compete against each other. Each team is made up of a wolf and a parasite, each controlled by a player. The wolf must bring back enough meat to the pack to be accepted by it before the opponent, helped by the parasite in him which will help him for example to detect traps, go faster or gain energy.

We have made a level of this game, but it is not quite finished.

He is currently on pause for an indefinite period.


Steampunk is a text-based puzzle game.

You will be called upon to help a person from the future find informations to save humanity from a grand scheme !

I created this game on the occasion of a Discord invitation to a free creation over a month, with the theme “Steampunk”. I chose to make a puzzle game, which I won’t tell you much about here, since you can download and discover the story for yourself !

The game is avaible on French only (for now !).

Upcoming projects

Cadavre Exquis

I’m planning to make a game with viewers’ ideas on Twitch that we’ll add as we go along.

For example, “add a jump”, “add a whale”, or whatever the ideas are.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing what’s behind the scenes, and making a lot of mindless games !